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Oakview carp fishing lake, showing accommodation and 3 lakeside bivvies

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See more French fishing lakes
See more French fishing lakes

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The Best Ever Carp Fishing Conditions In France

Extremely hot weather is not normally associated with great carp fishing conditions in France, but that was before the pandemic of 2020 turned the whole world on its head. The month of August started with soaring temperatures and severe drought warnings for the French countryside. In keeping with a world turned upside down, carp catches during the period rocketed to a record high.

Coronavirus Travel Restrictions Ended For Carp Fishing Trips To France

The lifting of restrictions in France and the latest UK Government announcement officially opens the way for carp anglers to cross the channel and travel to French carp lakes. Some intrepid travellers have already made it across the channel and are fishing in France this week.

Oakview Lake Netting August 2018

Summer removal of small fish provides a rare opportunity to see lots of big carp in mid season. Not a full carp count this time, but interesting to compare the spawned out fish with the fat bellies we see at a winter netting.

51lb 10oz Carp Smashes Oakview Lake Record

Another record fishing session sees the first 50lb carp landed at Oakview Lake. It's a new lake record, a new PB for angler Pete Wright and the lake's first carp to top 50lb.

Oakview Lake Rated Amongst Top Carp Fishing Venues in France

You have to be very confident about your venue before you give an angler like Paul Cooper the chance to scrutinise it in every detail. Long time friend he may be, but that doesn't mean he'll tell you (and everyone else) what you want to hear. Paul gets to fish the lake and then see the lake netted. Here's what he had to say.

Big Fish Haul Smashes Record. Average Carp Size 38lb.

Philip Anderson took the lake apart in terms of big carp during his family fishing holiday. Philip and his son James landed 18 carp with a whopping average size of 38lb. Philip banked 6 forties, the most 40 pound carp caught by a single angler. That's great fishing even for France and on this occasion, Phil's wife Tracy was also there to see it.