Booking a Holiday

This page explains how to book your carp fishing holiday with Angling France. You can reserve your holiday online or by calling us directly.

Booking a holiday right now online or by phone is dead easy. Once you've decided, just click on the 'Availability' tab in the menu bar above and pick an available week. Fill in our quick booking form online and your holiday is reserved automatically right there and then. If you prefer to deal in person, just call us.

Get price and availability in one click: Go to Price and Availability

Choosing your Holiday Dates

Many Oakview regulars book their holiday well over a year in advance, so the availability calendar covers next year and the year after. Feel free to contact us if you want to reserve a carp fishing holiday outside of these dates and we'll be happy to help you. Also, look out for the dates in red on the availability page, they're discounted and go quick. Might be an idea to sign up for our deals email on the homepage and we'll let you know when a deal comes up!

Paying the Deposit

When it comes to paying the deposit or balance we've got a couple of options for you, either make use of our super secure online credit card payment system or opt to make a good old fashioned bank transfer - with the latter you'll have 7 full days to sort out the transfer. If you need longer, just let us know.

Paying the Balance

Just so you know up front, the full cost of your holiday needs to be paid 10 weeks in advance of the start date. Details of how to pay the balance of your holiday will be emailed to you, and we will send you a reminder before the 10 weeks as well, just so that you don't forget. If you are booking your carp fishing holiday at Oakview Lake less than 10 weeks before the start of the holiday, the full amount will need to be paid straight away. We'll send you an email about that once you've booked. Oh, and we can do stage payments if that helps.

What's not Included

In a nutshell - your crossing to France and holiday insurance are your responsibility. We've got lots of good information on both these things for you, just click the links above. On a side note, while holiday insurance isn't compulsory... it just isn't worth the risk of not having any. Imagine your car breaking down on a French motorway, or needing to cancel your holiday.

Last but not Least

Before you go ahead and book your carp fishing holiday, make sure that you have fully read and understood our Terms and Conditions. You'll get to see them again on the booking form in Price and Availability


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