Amanda and Nigel Newman + Mom: Brilliant

By Amanda and Nigel Newman + Mom on 26 October 2019

Facilities are brilliant, lake was beautiful; one of the most relaxing holidays we have ever had. Great hosts - very welcoming. Lovely rural location too. Nigel's first experience of fishing in France and he is smitten. Thank you so much Martin and Shirley and hope to see you again very soon! All the very best to you both - Amanda, Nigel and Sandra xxx

A note from Martin: Hosting a new family at Oakview Lake for the first time is a rare treat for us these days. Very glad everyone had a great week despite the most atrocious October fishing conditions I've seen in a decade.

Carp Fishing in France Photos

Carp (0lbs 0oz ) caught by Nigel Newman at  France.
Oakview Lake at night