Great Week

Gary Butler: Great Week

By Gary Butler on 13 July 2019

Great week: We fished here for the first time and also had not fished for carp for a while, so we were a bit rusty. The lake is very nice - perfect for us to fish, with lots of features to fish to and the home swim was perfect for a social. The accommodation is first class and really makes a difference for non anglers and also very comfortable for those fishing. Martin and Shirley are excellent hosts and nothing was too much trouble.

Tactics and Fishing: The fish had spawned the previous week and had not really come on the feed as expected. The fishing therefore remained hard and the bites picky. However, we did miss a few and lost 2 or 3, but the fishing picked up towards the end of the week.

All in all a fantastic week and we hope to be able to come here again.

11 carp: 1 x 35 (PB), 4 x 20s, including a 22lb 8oz lake record grass carp, 3 teens (2 grass) and 3 smaller carp. Catch included 3 new PBs and the biggest grass carp caught at the lake so far.

Carp Fishing in France Photos

Carp (35lbs 0oz ) caught by Tom Butler (PB) at  France.
Tom Butler (PB): Carp 35lbs 0oz
Carp (22lbs 8oz ) caught by Gary Butler (PB & LR) at  France.
Gary Butler (PB & LR): Carp 22lbs 8oz
Carp (22lbs 8oz ) caught by Jamie Butler at  France.
Jamie Butler: Carp 22lbs 8oz