Oakview Lake Reviews

All of these 5 stars are for real - you'll find the exact same hand-written versions on the bookshelf in the lodge.

  1. Gaz Armes and Mick Lucas


    By Gaz Armes and Mick Lucas on 21 July 2018

    We arrived at the lake to a very warm welcome from Martin and Shirley. They gave us a tour of the lake, pointing out the swims and the layout. We had an absolutely brilliant week's fishing, which was made even better by the picturesque venue and the weather. All in all a great venue - Outstanding!

    Fishing Tactics: Cell bottom baits over particle and pellet.

    Catch: 15 fish and PBs broken 8 times - 1 x 40, 6 x 30s, 3 x 20s and 5 grass carp to 19lb.

  2. Tim and Gemma

    Fantastic Time as Always

    By Tim and Gemma on 13 July 2018

    Despite the carp not playing we had a fantastic time as always at Oakview. Was great to catch up with Martin & Shirley as always and enjoy the fantastic lodge and surroundings.

    Fishing: Difficult week weather wise (hot, high pressure) and the fish just were not feeding - managed to get one out (26lb linear) to avoid the blank!

    Thanks again and see you soon x

  3. Osborne-Careys and Greens

    22nd Visit

    By Osborne-Careys and Greens on 30 June 2018

    22nd visit to Oakview Lake.

    Fishing Tactics: Complex T boilies. Most productive spot this time was the near left bank (from the home swim).

    Catch: 1 x 47lb-9oz (PB), 4 x 30s, 2 x 20s, 2 x upper teens and a grass carp.

  4. Neil and Paula Middleditch

    Another Beautiful Week

    By Neil and Paula Middleditch on 23 June 2018

    Another beautiful week spent at Oakview. A very enjoyable week's fishing in very warm conditions. Shirley and Martin are fantastic hosts and nothing is a problem. Also Debbie and Pete (Thurs to Sat caretaker hosts x). Already booked for 2019 and 2020. See you soon and many thanks. xx

    Fishing and tactics: Very hot weather and some of the smaller fish were still active. Caught 1 x 30, 2 x 20s 1 x 13lb common and a 14lb grass carp on a mix of different boilies and particle.

  5. Jason Rainbow

    Everything About The Place First Class

    By Jason Rainbow on 16 June 2018

    Everything about the place is first class. The lake is gorgeous, the fish are hard fighting and the lodge is clean and comfortable. Martin and Shirley are exceptional hosts with nothing being too much trouble. We will definitely be back as soon as possible and return year after year, because after much searching, We have finally found our little French fishing heaven!

    Fishing tactics: Unusual feeding patterns this week - carp were caught all around the lake except the bowl and 9 out of the 14 carp caught were commons. Most fish came from the right side of the lake on Cell, Roach Pit and Choc Orange boilies over particle beds.

    Catch: 1 x 47lb 11oz (PB), 5 x 30s, 5 x 20s, 3 under 20lb and a 15lb grass carp.  

  6. Barbara, Tim and Hugh Strange

    Another Excellent Week

    By Barbara, Tim and Hugh Strange on 10 June 2018

    Another excellent week at Oakview. Unfortunately the fishing was very tough - the fish weren't feeding all week! However, the excellent hosts Shirley and Martin, lovely location, comfortable cabin and the 6 fish we did manage more than made up for it! Many thanks and see you again!

    Fishing Tactics: The fish were caught on both fish meal and fruity boilies.

    Catch: 45lb mirror, 39lb 2oz common, 35lb 2oz mirror, 22lb common, 14lb 2oz common and a 4lb pike.

  7. Bob Carey and Ray Green

    What More To Say After 20 Visits?

    By Bob Carey and Ray Green on 3 June 2018

    What more can we say that hasn't already been said in my 20 previous visits to Oakview Lake. The fish are all in perfect condition and we have watched them grow over the years. Once again Martin and Shirley are great hosts and friends. They will help you with any difficult moments you have and nothing is too much trouble for them.

    Fishing Tactics: Fishing under the trees to the left produced a few fish, but most fish caught were in mid water on both sides of the lake. I used a new bait (Complex T), which was a winner this year.

    Catch: 1 x 40, 5 x 30s, 8 x 20s (including a new lake record grass carp) and 2 under 20lb (ghost commons).

  8. Phil and Janet Calladine

    Yet Another Fantastic Week

    By Phil and Janet Calladine on 27 May 2018

    Yet another fantastic week at Oakview. Shirley and Martin are fantastic hosts and everything is first class as always. Accommodation is spot on with everything you could ever need. Booked twice for 2019 and twice for 2020 - you can't have enough of a good thing!!

    Fishing tactics: All fish came from the home swim to margins on the island. Bottom baits using Urban Nutcracker boilies worked best.

    Catch: 1 x 47lb 3oz, 3 x 30s, 4 x 20s and a 13lb grass carp.

  9. Derek Morris

    Roll On Next Year

    By Derek Morris on 19 May 2018

    Philip Moore - Roll on next year. We had a great time. Good stay and perfect hosts!!! After a slow start, just picking off the odd fish under the bushes, James had the big common at 48lb 12oz. By Tuesday/Wednesday we started to see signs of fish, so we increased the feed. I fished the home swim to the left of the island and caught in the middle and bushes to the left. I smashed my PB 3 times and we clocked up 2 lake records.

    Fishing tactics: James fished the far bank, getting his fish from under the tree line to his right. Derek fished the left middle swim. Smokey Jack snowman worked best.

    Catch: 4 x 40s (including a lake record common at 48lb 12oz.), 6 x 30s, 3 x 20s and a lake record grass carp at 20lb (no photo).

  10. Gibbos Fishers Were With Gemma-Lou

    Amazing Place

    By Gibbos Fishers Were With Gemma-Lou on 13 May 2018

    Anglers Against Cancer in memory of Gemma-Lou

    Amazing Place. Best time had by all of us. Fish spawned, but weather changed on Friday and fish have turned back on now. Martin and Shirley were brilliant hosts and we will be back. Loved the whole week and thanks from Steve, Danny, Jeff and Cranky. Been coming to France for 10 years and this is by far the best venue I have been to - Jeff.

    This week is dedicated to the memory of Gemma-Lou and is in aid of Anglers Against Cancer. Click the link above to find out how you can indulge your passion and help others.

    Fishing tactics: Blakes Baits Krinella. Snowman worked best. 3 PBs. 

    Catch: carp - 47lb 6oz, 44lb, 40lb 4oz, 40lb 6oz, 30lb 12oz and 3 x 20s.  Grass carp - 1 x 17lb lake record.

  11. Paul Shaw and Jenny Meider

    Fantastic Venue

    By Paul Shaw and Jenny Meider on 6 May 2018

    Our 10th visit to this fantastic venue. As usual our hosts, accommodation and fishing were 5 star all the way. The ever changing weather conditions affected the fishing a little and bites were hard to come by. But when the bites did come - WOW! PBs smashed and smashed again - happy days. Same again next year please.

    Fishing Tactics: Bottom baits to open water spots left and right of the island (from home swim).

    Catch: 6 x 40s, 1 x 30 and a grass carp:

    49lb 1oz, 47lb 15oz, 44lb 12oz, 43lb 9oz, 41lb 9oz, 40lb, 30lb 10oz and 1 x 11lb (grass).

  12. Terry Leggatt

    A Truly Lovely Lake

    By Terry Leggatt on 29 April 2018

    A truly lovely lake combined with the best accommodation we have stayed in. Martin and Shirley have been excellent hosts and all have enjoyed the whole package. Cannot wait to return in the future for another great fishing holiday.

    Fishing and tactics: Unsettled weather produced short feeding spells, when boilies worked best. All fish came from the island just under the canopy on the left hand side about half way up.

    Catch: 1 x 45lb 8oz (PB), 1 x 47lb (PB), 1 x 35lb and 1 x 25lb (all mirror carp).

  13. Duncan de Gruchy

    Freak April Heatwave Brings on Spawning

    By Duncan de Gruchy on 22 April 2018

    A freak April heatwave brought on pre-spawning behaviour, which slowed down feeding activity. 6th visit here and will keep coming back. Fantastic accommodation, surroundings and of course the hosts Martin and Shirley.

    Managed to land a 40lb mirror on Complex T pop up before the fish switched off.

  14. Jamie, Amy and Jake Stitt

    Lovely Being Back

    By Jamie, Amy and Jake Stitt on 19 November 2017

    Wow, time flies too quick at Oakview Lake. It was lovely being back after 3 years. Although the weather has been very cold, we are very pleased to be leaving with 10 fish in the bag up to 43lb. Our little boy Jake has had a fabulous time and we have made some fantastic family memories. Already planning our next visit. Shirley and Martin have been outstanding as always, couldn't want for nicer hosts. Love Amy, Jamie and Jake xxx

    Fishing tactics: Fished various bottom baits, pop ups and zig rigs to areas of fish activity and movement.

    Catch: 1 x 40, 6 x 30s and 2 x 20s.

  15. Simon Watson and Barry Plummer

    Always a Brilliant Week

    By Simon Watson and Barry Plummer on 4 November 2017

    As always a brilliant week spent in this lovely location. We have been coming here for many years on and off and have now been for the last 3 consecutive years. 2 anglers caught 11 carp between 26lb 12oz and 43lb 4oz. 2 non anglers spent a week of relaxation in this very comfortable and well-equipped lodge. When needed the heater kept the whole lodge warm and cosy. The kitchen has everything you need, we were even able to cook a full roast for 7 people. The hosts Martin and Shirley are so helpful and kind, our friends for life. Looking forward to returning next year. Si, Baz, Julie and Dawn.

    Fishing tactics: Variety of baits used with pop ups fished to both sides of the island from the home swims.

    Catch: 2 x 40s, 6 x 30s and 3 x 20s.

  16. Callow Family

    Another Perfect Week

    By Callow Family on 28 October 2017

    Another perfect week at Oakview Lake. Thanks again Shirley and Martin, you have got it just right - perfect hosts. Worth every penny (Book Early!).

    Fishing and tactics: Jessie equalled her PB of 42lb 4oz this time. Hopefully she will catch another PB here in 2019. Caught fish on both sides of the island. Cell and artificial yellow corn plus Krill.

    Carp caught: 44lb 2oz, 42lb 2oz (Jessie's 3rd Oakview 40 pounder), 38lb 4oz and 33lb 2oz.

  17. Martin Cochrane

    Absolutely Brilliant Lake

    By Martin Cochrane on 22 October 2017

    Absolutely brilliant lake, nice fish and the best hospitality you could ask for. Food amazing - will definitely be back.

    Fishing tactics: Mix of baits used, including Cell, Nutcracker and LDM. Fish caught left and back margin, island and hard spots found in mid water.

    Catch: 1 x 40, 3 x 30s and 7 x 20s.

  18. Daniel Harris and Naomi Dawson

    Can't Wait For Our Next Visit

    By Daniel Harris and Naomi Dawson on 14 October 2017

    Thank you for a lovely stay at Oakview Lake. The accommodation was 5 star and was nice to lie out in the sun. Shirley and Martin are very helpful and are lovely hosts. A lovely relaxing holiday for a couple and will definitely be returning in the future. Will thoroughly recommend to anyone who loves carp fishing and a peaceful time away. Can't wait for our next visit!!!

    Fishing and tactics: A good week of carp fishing catching 9 carp in total (4 commons, 4 mirrors and 1 grass carp), even a 44lb 6oz PB! Bait used was Pro Seed, fished to left margin, mid water and bowl. 

    Catch sizes: 2 x 40s, 3 x 30s, 2 x 20s, 1 x 17lb 8oz common and 1 x 12lb 4 oz grass carp.

  19. Andrew and Luke Faith

    Always Have a Great Week

    By Andrew and Luke Faith on 8 October 2017

    What can I say - 4th year here and we always have a great week. Fishing good - we both caught personal best carp, Shirley and Martin are great and we would recommend Oakview to anyone (BIG FISH NICE FISH). If you are looking for a great fishing lake this is the place. Great for the family as well.

    Fishing Tactics: Fished from the left and far banks (no bait boats used). Caught well from the near margins and then switched to open water when the fish started moving out.

    Total catch 17 carp: 2 x 40s, 11 x 30s and 4 x 20s.

  20. Derek Morris


    By Derek Morris on 1 October 2017

    Food and lodge - excellent. Fishing not good this week - water level very low. Only 4 fish caught. What fun we had though, thanks. Keith, James, Phil and Derek.

    Tactics and fishing: Fish mix boilies and very small amounts of bait.