Oakview Lake Reviews

All of these 5 stars are for real - you'll find the exact same hand-written versions on the bookshelf in the lodge.

  1. Duncan de Gruchy

    5 Star Holiday Lake

    By Duncan de Gruchy on 24 September 2017

    I had a great week as usual. My 5th visit to Oakview and unfortunately the carp were not playing the game, with very few signs of feeding and movement all week. That's carp fishing though and I will be back again in April for another try. Thoroughly enjoyed it - superb food/accommodation etc. 5 star holiday lake. D de G.

    Fishing and conditions: High pressure brought clear blue skies and cold nights. Duncan fished days only from the home swim and spent a few hours fishing from the far bank. Baits were boilie over pellet.

    Catch: 37lb 4oz mirror, 34lb mirror and a 14lb common.

  2. Phil English and Brian Latheron

    Wonderful Weeks' Fishing

    By Phil English and Brian Latheron on 16 September 2017

    Wonderful weeks' fishing at Oakview. Accommodation first class. Shirley and Martin are great hosts and go the extra mile to ensure the holiday meets expectations.

    Fishing Tactics: Both fished from the home swims to spots either side of the island and lake margins. Nut Crunch boilies caught the most fish.

    Catch: 3 x 40s, 9 x 30s, 2 x 20s and a grass carp (11lb 12oz).

  3. Billy, Kayleigh and Jimmy Berridge

    Home From Home

    By Billy, Kayleigh and Jimmy Berridge on 9 September 2017

    We come here often. No need to say more.

    Fishing Conditions and Tactics: Warm days and cool nights with some rain - perfect! Only fished 2 days and nights. Krill hard hook baits snowman style over boilie-only beds.

    Catch: 1 x 40, 5 x 30s and 4 x 20s.

  4. Paul and Janice

    An Oakview Lake Classic

    By Paul and Janice on 2 September 2017

    This trip to Oakview was a classic. Had a great time with family and my catch included two new personal best carp. The weather went from extremely hot to cool and then to warm sunny days with the odd thunderstorm.

    Fishing Tactics: Fished both sides of the lake from the home swim and both sides produced results. One surprise was that most of the bigger carp came from the right, where the water is quite shallow and very warm after the drought this year. I found out early on that a boilie-only approach to baiting produced the best results.

    18 carp caught: 3 x 40s, 5 x 30s and 10 x 20s. 

  5. Bob & Viv Osborne-Carey

    A Wonderful Fortnight

    By Bob & Viv Osborne-Carey on 20 August 2017

    Really don't know what to say this time as we've said it all before (20th week at Oakview Lake). We have had a wonderful fortnight. Shirley and Martin are perfect hosts and are really good friends of ours now. We look forward to our return next June. Love Viv & Bob xx.

    Fishing tactics: Manilla boilies popped up over coconut boilies, pellet, hemp and garlic surprise parti-mix.

    Catch: 23 carp - 2 x 40s, 8 x 30s, 9 x 20s and 4 grass carp (12 to 15lb 12oz).

  6. Trevor and Mags with Gary and Sue

    Lovely Lake & Good Fish

    By Trevor and Mags with Gary and Sue on 5 August 2017

    Lovely lake, good fish, very good hosts and successful fishing too!

    Fishing tactics: Fished left and right of island from home swims. Caught on Manilla and Coconut Crunch.

    catches: 1 x 40, 8 x 30s,1 x 29 and 2 pike.

  7. The Lang Clan

    Two Year Wait Worth Every Day

    By The Lang Clan on 30 July 2017

    Peter and Sharon Lang with grand daughter Ellie (photographer) and Megan the cockapoo puppy

    The two year wait was worth every day. What a fantastic 'Birthday Boy' week's vacation. Shirley and Martin -you are are a class act. The lodge was better than our memories recall. No 'blue moon' this time, but plenty of stunning carp and the years of waiting for a 30lb common are over (new PB common at 31lb 8oz). Wonderful hosts and a great place. The peaceful terror continues lol.

    Ellie's comments: We all loved staying here and it's been an action packed holiday! Thank you so much for helping us with the dentist and vet. Can't wait for next year!

    Fishing tactics: Snowman presentation with over-balancing to give mini pop up effect 2 inches off the bottom. Scopex Squid and Cell boilies over favourite baiting mixes. Most came from the bowl with 2 surprise catches from the front of the island.

    Catch: 1 x 40lb, 3 x 30s, 3 x 20s and a 14lb grass carp. The 40lb 4oz mirror got away before the water photo could be taken.

  8. Clarkes and Taylors

    Great Week

    By Clarkes and Taylors on 23 July 2017

    This was our third trip to Oakview Lake and after a mixed bag of weather, a great week was had by all. For me, I had 3 personal best carp out of 6 fish - 38lb 15oz, 41lb 12oz and 42lb 9oz (other three anglers blanked). We will return.

    Fishing tactics: Caught on Nutcracker tipped with plastic maize and a trio of 2 x maize and 1 x plastic maize. All caught on left hand side of the lake.

    Catch report: 2 x 40s, 2 x 30s and 2 x 20s (3 x PBs).

  9. Philip and James Anderson

    Another Brilliant Trip at Oakview

    By Philip and James Anderson on 16 July 2017

    Another brilliant trip here at Oakview. The lake, accommodation and hosts have been excellent as always.

    Fishing conditions: A storm on Sunday night and sporadic rain showers resulted in low pressure and cooler temperatures, the fishing has been great as a result.

    Tactics: Activ 8 as bottom baits fished over boilies. Hot spots were the left margin (before the bowl) and the far right margin (close in).

    Catch: 25 carp - 1 x 40, 10 x 30s, 12 x 20s and 2 x grass carp

  10. The Mansfields

    Excellent Week

    By The Mansfields on 10 July 2017

    An excellent week. Fishing very slow due to weather (35 degrees in the shade every day) but still had a wonderful peaceful family holiday. Big thanks to the owners for all their help and care. Hope to be back soon.

    Fishing and tactics: The carp just weren't taking baits in the heat. Caught a 28lb 7oz carp and a 38lb 4oz mirror stalking on the right bank.

  11. Bob Carey and Ray Green

    Lovely Week Once Again

    By Bob Carey and Ray Green on 2 July 2017

    Once again we have had a lovely week. Ray and Bob are satisfied with their catches and Mum and I are happy with our restful week. Martin and Shirley - you are very helpful and kind and we always look forward to seeing you both. Thanks X

    Fishing tactics: Coconut and manila boilies popped up over beds of boilies, mixed particle and hemp. Ray fished the bowl and back of the island. Bob fished left and right between the island and the home swim. Resulting in 10 fish each.

    20 carp caught: 1 x 40, 5 x 30s, 11 x 20s and 3 teens (including 2 grass carp).

  12. Adam Smith

    Daytime Temperatures top 100 Degrees Fahrenheit

    By Adam Smith on 25 June 2017

    We arrived very excited but unfortunately we had a heat wave 40 degrees C (104 Fahrenheit in the shade) from day one. The carp were not interested in feeding at all, but we have enjoyed our stay. Sun and beer - what else do you need to relax? (apart from carp LOL). Martin and Shirley are a great couple, always on hand to help and I enjoy their company very much. Lovely location and lake - I will be back!

    Fishing conditions and catches: Adam and his party suffered unbearably hot conditions all week. After catching grass carp and pike, the guys retreated to the relative cool of the stock pond, where they caught carp, tench and rudd.

    Unlike the big carp, the summer wildlife came out in abundance and the guys snapped some stunning photos during the week. The heat wave ended suddenly with a drop of 15 degrees C on the final night of Adam's stay. Too late for Adam but at least he has the biggest carp caught so far from the Oakview stock pond.

  13. Neil Middleditch

    Another Great Week at Oakview

    By Neil Middleditch on 18 June 2017

    Thanks Martin and Shirley for another great week at Oakview. Even though some of the fish were still spawning for first two days (crashing around the edges and island), I still managed to catch a few fish, including two PBs. Happy days and see you next June.

    Fishing conditions and tactics: High pressure meant clear skies and 30 degree temperatures every day. Fish came on Source boilies over pellet, fished in a line from the back of the island to the far left bank on the edge of the bowl.

    Caught 10 carp: 1 x 45lb mirror (PB), 3 x 30s (including a 33lb PB common), 4 x 20s and 2 grass carp (11 and 13lb).

    Photos: Camera flash not working properly and all of the fish came at night, so fish photos failed.

  14. John Mutton

    A Slightly Different Review

    By John Mutton on 11 June 2017

    This review will be slightly different. Most people talk about the brilliant accommodation, which of course it is. Everyone mentions the brilliant hosts in Martin and Shirley, which again is right, but I want to mention the reason why I like Oakview Lake. 

    The peaceful ambience of the whole place, with bird song from morning to night only broken by the sound of bite alarms going off. Well, that is what usually happens, but not this week. When I heard that the carp spawned 2 weeks ago, I thought they would be in the mood for a good munch.

    Caught a 39lb 2oz mirror then unfortunately, the carp must have turned into nymphomaniacs and liked sex so much they spawned again this week. Ah well, 'c'est la vie'. Back in France in a months time, so hope that they will have finished spawning by then.

  15. Barry Cundiff

    Everything Superb

    By Barry Cundiff on 3 June 2017

    Once again, everything has been superb. An excellent weeks fishing for Barry and Billy. Shirley and Martin - the accommodation and friendliness from you both has been excellent. Thank you once again for an excellent holiday and see you both next year!!

    Fishing tactics: Fished from the back of the island and caught on both sides of the island and the island point, using a mix of baits and wafters over hemp. 48lb 1oz PB for grandson Billy and 21lb 4ox PB for daughter Nicola.

    Catch List: 4 x 40s, 2 x 30s, 6 x 20s and 4 grass carp (10-12lb).

  16. Paul Shaw and Jenny Meider

    Five Star

    By Paul Shaw and Jenny Meider on 27 May 2017

    Five star accommodation, food, surroundings and of course, our hosts. Looking forward as ever to next year.

    Fishing conditions: Slow due to fish spawning for most of the week, but we both still managed to improve our PBs.

    Catch: 47lb 6oz (PB), 44lb 4oz (PB) and a 21lb 14oz common (carp spawning).

  17. Stephen and Martin Beaujeux

    Amazing. 5 Stars

    By Stephen and Martin Beaujeux on 21 May 2017

    Amazing. 5 stars. My second time and my Dad's first time. The accommodation is still 5 star and the hospitality from Martin and Shirley is fabulous. The carp fishing has been fantastic with PBs being broken by both of us. We both can't wait to return again.

    Fishing conditions and tactics: The weather has been mixed - hot at the start of the week, then rain and hail by the end of the week. Almost all fish came from the bowl using a bait boat. One fish came from the right. Tactics were snowman rig over pellet and garlic surprise. We fished 6am to midnight.

    16 carp caught: 3 x 40s, 8 x 30s, 3 x 20s and 2 x grass carp 10lb 8oz and 11lb 8oz.

  18. Stephen and Kathy Eastwood

    An Excellent Place to Stay

    By Stephen and Kathy Eastwood on 14 May 2017

    We have been here before and find it an excellent place to stay and my husband loves fishing here. He achieved his personal target of a dozen fish (visiting local area during the days and fishing late afternoons and nights). The weather was very mixed. So glad though, we are driving down to another gite and carp fishing lake for another week's holiday near Limoges and not going home yet. We love holidaying in quiet, rural France.

    Weather conditions: Rain on arrival Saturday, then mix of sun and cloud with NE winds. Tuesday and Wednesday were hot and sunny and wind changed direction on Thursday. Friday sun and heavy showers with wind from the SW.

    Fishing Tactics: From the home swim, caught carp from both top corners and left side of the island. When fishing short, strike early (one buzz)  and keep line tight. When fishing long, the carp tend to kite, so use the whole bank to get the best angle on the fish.

    12 carp caught: 8 x 40s, 2 x 30s and 2 x 20s. Average weight was 3 ounces under 40lb.

  19. Geoff & Becky Matthews

    The Best!

    By Geoff & Becky Matthews on 6 May 2017

    Oakview Lake and its facilities are the best! We would only be repeating what has already been said numerous times. The fishing was excellent, as was the average size of the fish - disappointed when we caught a 30!! What you did for us when Jamie was poorly was above and beyond - Thank you. This box ain't big enough to say more - found something to complain about !!!

    Thanks again Geoff, Becky and Jamie.

    Fishing tactics: Caught all over the lake using boilie or maize. Caught a lot of fish on the left when it was cool and switched to the right hand side where the shallower water warmed up quicker in the sun.

    27 carp caught: 1 x 50, 6 x 40s, 18 x 30s and 2 x 20s.

  20. Janet and Phil Calladine

    Another Great Holiday at Oakview

    By Janet and Phil Calladine on 29 April 2017

    Another great holiday at Oakview. Accommodation and food both excellent. Fishing hard this week due to extreme weather but the carp caught were in first class condition.

    Our 6th visit to Oakview and we've booked again for 2018 and 2019. Shirley and Martin are great hosts and firm friends now!!

    Fishing conditions and tactics: Cold north winds brought freezing temperatures at night. Caught the carp from the bowl swim using Urban Bait Nutcracker boilies over small beds of particle.

    Carp caught: 2 x 40s (1 x 42lb 7oz and 1 x 40lb 4oz).