News for Carp Fishing in France at Oakview Lake

Thinking of going on holiday carp fishing in France? Want to find out if Oakview Lake is for you?

Oakview Lake Netting August 2018

Summer removal of small fish provides a rare opportunity to see lots of big carp in mid season. Not a full carp count this time, but interesting to compare the spawned out fish with the fat bellies we see at a winter netting.

51lb 10oz Carp Smashes Oakview Lake Record

Another record fishing session sees the first 50lb carp landed at Oakview Lake. It's a new lake record, a new PB for angler Pete Wright and the lake's first carp to top 50lb.

Oakview Lake Rated Amongst Top Carp Fishing Venues in France

You have to be very confident about your venue before you give an angler like Paul Cooper the chance to scrutinise it in every detail. Long time friend he may be, but that doesn't mean he'll tell you (and everyone else) what you want to hear. Paul gets to fish the lake and then see the lake netted. Here's what he had to say.

Big Fish Haul Smashes Record. Average Carp Size 38lb.

Philip Anderson took the lake apart in terms of big carp during his family fishing holiday. Philip and his son James landed 18 carp with a whopping average size of 38lb. Philip banked 6 forties, the most 40 pound carp caught by a single angler. That's great fishing even for France and on this occasion, Phil's wife Tracy was also there to see it.

Jessie Callow's Latest Carp Fishing Adventure

Watch 9 year old Jessie Callow star in her second film made at Oakview Lake. Already an expert with the float, she takes her first steps into carp fishing. Guess who's rods the week's 40 pounders came on!

Bowl Swim Tactics With Liam Carpenter

How 16 year old Liam Carpenter unlocked the bowl and island features at Oakview Lake. His tactics result in his first ever forty pound carp catches.

Record Week for Big Carp

A search for a new carp venue resulted in a record breaking week at Oakview Lake. Big carp specialists Shaun Allen and Carl Carter are used to fending for themselves when they go hunting for specimen fish in France. Lake facilities and home comforts are not usually a consideration. This trip was different.

Spring Catches and Fishing Tactics

Dry weather in March gave way to a mix of warm sunshine and heavy storms in April. Anglers coped well with the sudden changes by using a flexible approach to their fishing tactics.

See More Top French Carp Lakes

We now offer a wide choice of top carp fishing holidays in France. Drive-and-survive, exclusive lakes, lodge and chalet lakes plus carp and cat lakes.

Carp Fishing Year Review 2015

In 2015 Oakview Lake welcomed 102 guests, including 64 anglers. Most fished days only, they caught 367 carp, including 33 x 40s, 178 x 30s and 132 x 20s. The average carp size was 33lb.

Oakview Lake Launches its Own Fresh Boilies

The new house baits are put to the test by Oakview Lake top guns Bob Carey and Ray Green. The new baits were tested over two separate sessions. During the two weeks of tests, 55 carp were banked, including 2 x 40s and 27x 30s.

Catching Carp on a Blue Moon

A rare blue moon occurred at the end of July 2015 and it brought with it a big carp fishing session for carp angler Peter Lang at Oakview Lake.

Magic Carp Fishing Moment Filmed at Oakview Lake

Do you remember catching your first ever 40lb carp, or do you have that pleasure still to come? The short film captures the moments leading up to the realisation of a carp fishing dream.

Oakview Lake Increases Stock Ready for Carp Fishing in France 2015

The latest delivery of carp includes two new mirrors weighing 42lb and 33lb 15oz. Also stocked are three stunning commons weighing 36lb 13oz, 34lb 3oz and 32lb 7oz. A ghost common weighing 25lb 6oz completes the delivery. Average weight of carp stocked is 34lb.

Carp Fishing in France with Accommodation

Carp fishing holiday destinations in France offer a surprisingly wide range of accommodation options, from small basic lakeside cabins to luxury houses fully equipped for self-catering holidays.

Carp Fishing in France at Oakview Lake has a new website

Some of you visiting our new website will know us well, others will be visiting for the first time - it’s mainly for the newcomers that we are posting this news. Many will be asking us why 'Angling France'? The simple reason is this that if you don't know that Oakview Lake even exists, how are you going to find us on Google?

What an end to the carp fishing season at Oakview Lake

Amy bagged herself her very first French carp landed on Sunday afternoon, beating Jamie's PB, but he was delighted for her. We think that the smile on her face tells all. Sunday passed with two more 30's in the net and one more at 26lb. Monday morning around 12noon, this one arrived....

See the Carp at Oakview Lake Netting

When you are thinking of booking a carp fishing holiday in France, having the opportunity to actually see a lake's carp stock before you book is priceless. That's why the lake netting at Oakview Lake is filmed.

Carp Fishing Legend Ken Dallow

Ken Dallow is a carp fishing legend. He started fishing in 1946 and became one of the carp fishing pioneers of the early seventies when he caught his first 20lb carp. Seven decades later Ken is catching 40lb carp in France.

A Carp Fishing Master of Oakview Lake

If you want to know how to make the most of a carp fishing holiday at Oakview Lake, Bob Carey is the man to look up. Bob has clocked up more visits than any other angler and he has become the undisputed master of how to fish the home swims.

54 Carp Caught in Record Carp Fishing Week

A carp fishing holiday at Oakview Lake in France produces a record 54 carp. Mick Haynes' personal tally of 43 will be tough to beat. The record breaking week included 39 carp over 20lb and 5 carp over 30lb.

Oakview Lake Restocked with Carp

More carp have been added to the fish stocks at Oakview Lake. This is great news for all those who are looking forward to their next carp fishing holiday at the venue.

First Carp Fishing Bonanza at Oakview Lake

The first holiday to result in a carp fishing bonanza happened at Oakview Lake this month. Four anglers go home with new PBs. In fact PBs were broken on no fewer than eleven occasions during the week.

First Carp Caught in France This Year?

Could this be the first carp caught in France this year? Fishing lakes had been frozen but Tony Waterman got lucky at Oakview Lake. The big freeze has been going on since the beginning of January, so Tony obviously wasn't in France on a carp fishing holiday.

Carp Fishing Holiday in France with Accommodation

Oakview Lake is a carp fishing holiday venue located near the town of Laval in Western France. The nearest ferry port is St Malo, less than a two hour drive away. The venue welcomed it's first anglers in March of 2009.