Carp Fishing Holiday in France with Accommodation

Oakview Lake is open for carp fishing holiday bookings. The lakeside accommodation is ready for guests and the lake is full of carp.

Oakview Lake is a carp fishing holiday venue located near the town of Laval in Western France. The nearest ferry port is St Malo, less than a two hour drive away. The venue welcomed it's first anglers in March of 2009.

Owner Martin with an Oakview carp
Owner Martin with an Oakview carp

When owners Martin and Shirley purchased the property it consisted of a duck shooting lake, five fields and a cluster of ruined stone buildings.

Since then they have added the accommodation, which is a two bedroom lodge overlooking the carp fishing lake. Construction of their own house in an adjacent field is also finished.

The additional purchase of a small pleasure lake, an orchard and a lane giving separate access has created the perfect ingredients for a carp fishing holiday venue.

Why Oakview Lake?

The venue has been named Oakview Lake, which reflects the fact that the lake and accommodation are surrounded by a number of large oak trees. One oak tree in particular stands like an ancient sentinel of the lake when viewed from the accommodation.

Creating a carp fishing holiday venue

Creating a carp fishing lake and developing it into a holiday venue from scratch hasn’t been easy, especially as all the work was carried out by local French firms with little English spoken. The local suppliers and tradespeople have done a first class job, taking care to ensure that the accommodation was built to modern standards without being out of place in the natural surroundings.

Thankfully getting planning permission for construction of the accommodation went smoothly, which was a great help. The whole process from buying the land to creating a home and a carp fishing holiday lake in France has taken three years.

Meeting Michel Bigot at the fish farm
Meeting Michel Bigot at the fish farm

Oakview Lake Carp Stock

The carp stock was supplied by local fish farmer Michel Bigot and the final batch of the fish order has just been delivered. The carp lake now has 100 carp. 80% of the carp weigh between 20 and 30lb. About 10% weigh between 30lb and 40lb and 10% weigh less than 20lb. Apart from some small pike to help control small fish, there are no other fish species in the lake.

Oakview Lake as a carp fishing holiday venue is now fully open for business. It can be booked on an exclusive basis, which means the carp lake, the fishing and the accommodation are all included in one price.

A pristine Oakview Lake carp
A pristine Oakview Lake carp