Coronavirus Travel Restrictions Ended For Carp Fishing Trips To France

The lifting of travel restrictions leads to a rush of demand for cross channel crossings.

It's Official - You Can Now Go Carp Fishing In France Again

The message is clear. French carp lakes are open for business.
The message is clear. French carp lakes are open for business.

The lifting of restrictions in France and the latest UK Government announcement officially opens the way for carp anglers to cross the channel and travel to French carp lakes. Some intrepid travellers have already made it across the channel and are fishing in France this week.

Rush to Get Booked On Car Ferries And The Channel Tunnel

Although cross channel travel restrictions have officially ended, social distancing requirements remain in place. This means that there is currently a rush to snap up Channel Tunnel tickets and the limited places available on ferries. We are receiving reports that current demand is so great that the booking websites are sometimes crashing.

How To Make Sure You Can Book Travel For Your French Carp Fishing Destination

Anglers who have already managed to book and confirm their channel crossings are advising others to be patient and to keep trying. If the cross channel websites are crashing, the advice is to try again when it is likely to be less busy. Late at night or very early in the morning seems to be the best option for booking tickets online.

Carp Take Advantage Of Covid 19 Lock Down

Meanwhile the covid 19 crisis has allowed the carp to take advantage of their break from angler pressure. They have been fed every day on high protein pellet and even the spawned-out weights are looking impressive.

Local French Carper Charly Mignon Tests The Fishing

I recently asked local French carper Charly Mignon to fish for 3 days at Oakview Lake after the carp had spawned. I was keen to see how the lake fished after so many months without anglers. Charly caught 8 carp including two forties and was delighted to smash his PB with a 47lb 6oz mirror.

Charly smashes his PB with this 47lb 6oz mirror
Charly smashes his PB with this 47lb 6oz mirror

Charly was delighted with his catch, which also included his first ever ghost carp. I was even more delighted to hear him report that the carp he caught appeared to have spawned successfully and were in excellent condition.