Carp Fishing in France with Accommodation

Description of accommodation types for carp fishing holidays in France. Includes everything from small cabins to large large luxury houses.

Accommodation at Oakview Lake in France
Accommodation at Oakview Lake in France

Carp fishing holiday destinations in France offer a surprisingly wide range of accommodation options, from small basic lakeside cabins to luxury houses fully equipped for self-catering holidays.

Carp Lakes in France Offering Accommodation

Most carp fishing lakes in France have camping facilities. These lakes are known collectively as ‘drive and survive’ venues and usually accept a mix of individual and group bookings. If available, accommodation at this type of venue is booked separately as an optional extra to the holiday.

Many smaller lakes in France are available to single groups only. These are often referred to as ‘exclusive’ venues and do not accept mixed bookings. Accommodation at this type of venue is often included in the price of the holiday.

Camping Sites in France Offering Carp Fishing

Some camping sites in France offer carp fishing as part of a list of things to do. This generally means that carp fishing is available nearby or on the caravan site itself. The site owner or booking agent should be able to tell you whether you need to book in advance and what fishing rules apply.

Carp Fishing Lakes in France Allowing Camper Vans

Many carp fishing lakes in France have space for campers and caravans, but they don’t always advertise it. Angler facilities are similar to those found on camping sites and many lake owners will allow campers if asked. It’s always worth checking if you can park on site and what water and electric services are available.

Carp Fishing Lakes in France Offering Cabins

Apart from camping facilities for bivvy anglers, the most basic types of accommodation available on French carp lakes are small cabins. The French call these ‘chalets’ and they are often of timber construction. They are usually small, basic and clean, but some larger versions have kitchen and WC facilities.

Extras like bed linen and towels are sometimes available for an additional charge and some lakes will expect you to bring your own. Some cabins only have well or lake-filtered water and some use solar or generator powered electricity.

Carp Fishing Lakes in France With Mobile Homes

Sometimes described as large caravans, mobile homes can be found on lakes all over France. Amongst lake owners they are a popular alternative to cabins because of local planning requirements.

Unlike cabins, mobile homes usually come with kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms already installed. On some lakes, mobile homes are used simply to provide certain facilities, so it’s always worth checking the electricity and water supply as well as what actual facilities are available.

Carp Fishing Lakes in France Offering Full Accommodation Facilities

This category covers a huge array of different types of holiday accommodation in France. Traditional stone houses, converted barns and water mills, rustic hunting lodges, modern timber lodges and pretty much any other form of building you can think of.

This type of holiday accommodation is referred to throughout France as ‘a gite’. The term is used to describe to all types of holiday accommodation, including carp fishing holiday accommodation.

Technically, the use of the term ‘gite’ applies when the accommodation is furnished, fully equipped for self-catering and the owner lives on site or nearby.

A popular type of carp fishing holiday in France is an exclusive fishing lake with accommodation (or gite) included in the price. The standard of accommodation ranges from rustic to luxury. Some include TV, wi-fi, and en-suite bathrooms. Some have air conditioning and some have swimming pools.

Cost of Carp Fishing Holidays with Accommodation in France

Whether the accommodation is optional or included in the total price of the fishing holiday, there will be many factors affecting the price. For example, a lake with a mobile home and big carp might be more expensive than a similar sized lake with more luxury accommodation and smaller carp.

The size and standard of the accommodation and the quality of the carp are obviously two major factors affecting the price of a carp fishing holiday. Other factors affecting the popularity (and therefore the price) of the holiday are listed below:

  • Distance from the channel ports in France
  • Proximity of the accommodation to the carp fishing
  • Whether a meal package option is available
  • Whether dogs are welcomed
  • What additional facilities are provided
  • Whether cooking and dining utensils are included
  • Whether bed linen and towels are included

Carp Fishing in France – Accommodation Checklist

Whichever type of accommodation you choose in France, here’s a summary of the things you need to check before booking a carp fishing holiday there:

  • How far is the accommodation from the carp fishing?
  • Does the accommodation have mains electricity?
  • Is the water in the accommodation safe to drink?
  • What deposit will be required on arrival?
  • Are there any additional charges, like cleaning?

Most importantly of all, find out as much as you can about the accommodation before booking. If having good accommodation is an important part of your carp fishing holiday in France, don’t leave anything to chance.