A Carp Fishing Master of Oakview Lake

Bob Carey is the undisputed carp fishing master of the home swims at Oakview Lake.

Bob Carey - a carp fishing master
Bob Carey - a carp fishing master

If you want to know how to make the most of a carp fishing holiday at Oakview Lake, Bob Carey is the man to look up. Bob has clocked up more visits than any other angler and he has become the undisputed master of how to fish the home swims.

The Advantage of a Bait Boat

Bob is the first to admit that he’s not as young as he used to be, so having the use of the lakeside accommodation at Oakview Lake suits him well these days. He makes uses a bait boat because he’s no longer able to achieve the distance he once could by casting alone. The closest point on the island from the home swims is 80 yards, so having a bait boat can be a big advantage.

Fishing From the Accommodation

Bob also likes to spend his holidays with his family, so he does his carp fishing from the home swim right in front of the accommodation. From there, he is able to fish all parts of the lake with the exception of a small area behind the island. Fishing from here also allows Bob to enjoy spending time on the lodge terrace without having to reel in.

Knowing How to Fish Oakview Lake

Fishing Oakview Lake at least twice every year since it opened has helped Bob to become the angler who has the most experience on this water. This is especially true of the home swims, where he has become a regular fixture. There's no question that he knows the lake like the back of his hand.

Bob Carey with a 37lb carp from the home swim
Bob Carey with a 37lb carp from the home swim

In spite of the fact that Bob is no longer able to fish through the night as he used to, he has managed four great results in four sessions. He has landed over 20 carp on three separate occasions and 19 on this most recent visit.

Best Carp Fishing Session

His latest session has been his best so far and included 8 carp over 30lb and a new lake record common carp weighing 39lb 10oz. The average carp weight for this session was 29lb 4oz.

Bob Carey with his 39lb 10oz common
Bob Carey with his 39lb 10oz common

Oakview Tactics

Other carp anglers will be interested to learn that Bob’s tactics are to use small baits. He prefers using boilies no bigger than 10mm, which he fishes snowman style. He likes to scoop one out so that they form the shape of an acorn on his rig.

There are an awful lot of acorns in and around Oakview Lake and the carp will no doubt have become used to them. Perhaps Bob’s acorn rig has been the secret to his success.