Covid Update - Still in the fog about future travel rules?

Watch this space for Covid updates

Still in the fog with Covid travel?
Still in the fog with Covid travel?

With the Covid Crisis at its height and governments contemplating their next moves, we at Angling France can only look forward to positive plans for relaxing ‘fish filled' holidays to come. The vaccines are being rolled out as fast as possible in France and UK and most people understand how important it is to follow the rules, so together we can get back to our new 'normal'. To support all of our customers we will be providing regular updates here.

We envisage that everyone who leaves and enters another country will have to either be vaccinated or test negative for Covid, either situation is likely to become a standard part of holiday planning.

All our lake owners are using this time to develop and improve their sites, accommodation, terrain and wildlife habitat. This will increase the chance of connecting with nature and the beauty of the French countryside to further ensure your Angling France holiday is truly memorable.

What the Governments are saying.

Current French & UK Government ruling (25/01/21) is that All holiday travel from the UK to France is not allowed and we have no way of predicting what those travel restrictions will be. Both the French & the UK governments publish updates at very short notice, which means that it is impossible for us to know much in advance whether your planned trip can go ahead.

What Angling France Will Do

We will be contacting you with an update 4 weeks before you are due to make your trip. We hope to be in a much more informed position to answer your questions. Example, if your holiday was booked for Saturday 13th March, we will be contacting you during the week commencing Monday 15th February. To support all of our customers we will be providing a monthly update on our website.

These are incredibly challenging and confusing times for all of us, both customers and advisors and we ask you to work with us by avoiding asking questions that we are not yet able to answer. This will ensure our customers who are currently booked in March/April/May will be contacted in priority order.