Holiday Season Could Usher in Covid Passports

Governments are hinting that 'Covid passports' will make international travel possible again, but will they be in time for the summer?

Proof of a negative Covid test is already part of international travel and it’s looking like ‘Covid Passports’ could well become the norm for crossing the channel. The UK government is looking at digital certificates and the Europeans have announced similar plans. Officials on both sides of the channel are hoping that these ‘Covid passports’ will be in place before the summer tourist season.

France is still in its third lock down, so carp fishing holidays in France aren’t possible at the moment. There are some encouraging signs that the latest measures are starting to produce positive results though and President Macron has hinted that an announcement could be on the cards before the end of this month.

We continue to remain positive & focussed on the preparation for your return, including making sure boilies will be available for your holiday.

Meanwhile nature is bursting into life and there is beauty everywhere. The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing & nesting and the fish are leaping as the water warms up. Improvements, lake projects and lakeside maintenance are going on all over as we welcome spring.

We look forward to our next news item as it means we will be that much closer to welcoming you all back for your next Fishing experience. Let’s hope the race to vaccinate is won, so that we can all get back fishing.