New Mill - Now Fully Stocked For 2021

100+ carp just stocked!

New Mill Lake Now Brimming With Pristine Carp

Well over 100 carp have recently been stocked at New Mill, so the carp lake is now brimming with fish. The known fish in this brand new venue now include a huge head of 30s and at least 5 confirmed 40s, one of which is expected to top 50lb early next year.

Owner John Lines with a carp stocked in December 2020
Owner John Lines with a carp stocked in December 2020

What Are New Mill's Carp Numbers?

Venue owner John Lines insists on being conservative with his estimates, preferring to base his answers on the carp he has personally stocked and carp that were actually caught in 2020. That's why we know that there are at least 5 carp over 40lb. We also know that a 49lb carp was stocked earlier in 2020. New Mill now has 160 known carp in it's carp lake, including a small number of koi carp.

What Are New Mill's Stocked Carp Sizes?

There are 5 carp over 40lb that we know about so far. Two different 40s were caught by the few anglers who tested the lake in 2020, two new 40s were stocked recently and a 49lb carp was added in the autumn. This specimen has yet to be caught by an angler. There are at least 65 known 30s including many high 30s, which should produce a very good head of 40s by the spring. There are 38 upper 20s, 30 lower 20s and 22 mid to high teens.

What About Existing Stock?

It has not been possible to net the carp lake at New Mill this year, so there could be some nice surprises waiting for carp anglers next season. What we do know is that the average weight of the carp caught prior to the latest stocking was 35lb and catches to date have shown impressive weight gains since being stocked.

With an impressive head of carp, well equipped swims and soon to be finished fabulous lakeside accommodation, New Mill is poised to explode on to the French carp scene. In the mean time, here are some more photos of the latest stocking to whet the appetite:

Carp stocked at New Mill December 2020
Carp stocked at New Mill December 2020