See the Carp at Oakview Lake Netting

The lake netting video is a good place to see the lake’s carp. Watch the big carp being returned to the lake after the successful netting.

See Oakview Lake's carp when the lake gets netted

Oakview Lake Netting

When you are thinking of booking a carp fishing holiday in France, having the opportunity to actually see a lake's carp stock before you book is priceless. That's why the lake netting at Oakview Lake is filmed.

See more carp in the video
See more carp in the video

Why is Oakview Lake Netted?

Oakview lake is netted most years during the winter. The main reason is to ensure that excessive amounts of small carp have not escaped the lake's natural defence lines of jack pike. Any large pike are also removed at the netting, which ensures that the population of pike is also kept under control.

How Does Lake Netting Help Carp Anglers?

When lake's are netted properly and on a regular basis, carp anglers can have more confidence that their carp fishing holidays will not be spoilt by catching lots of small and medium sized carp. After all, the chance of catching bigger carp is the main reason why carp anglers come to France.

How Does Lake Netting Help Carp?

Quite simply, netting a lake regularly helps the bigger carp to grow. This is because the removal of small fish can have a huge impact on the competition for food and oxygen. This is particularly true of smaller lakes which are well stocked with large carp.

Netting around the island
Netting around the island

Don't Predator Fish Work Better Than Lake Netting?

Getting the predator/prey balance exactly right is not easy in a commercial fishery like a carp fishing lake. A good example of this difficulty is catfish, which are usually extremely effective predators. The problem occurs when the catfish produce offspring, which then become a new nuisance to carp anglers. Besides, the catfish soon learn that eating angler's bait is mush easier than chasing prey.

What Were the Results of Oakview Lake's Netting?

Fish farmer Michel Bigot declared the netting a success, which meant that 95% of all the fish in Oakview Lake were netted. 75kg of small fish were removed and 110 large carp were returned, along with the jack pike. The pike have started to make a difference because 750kg of small fish have been removed on previous occasions.

With fish farmer Michel Bigot
With fish farmer Michel Bigot